for Nattakan Vouchers and E-Vouchers


  1. Thai Pro – Nattakan Voucher and e-Voucher publisher:

    Thai Pro Sp. z o.o.
    Ul. Bukowińska 12/726A

    NIP: 5213891333
    KRS: 0000830820
    Tel: +48790553558

    running a Thai Massage Salon Nattakan, in Warsaw, Zgoda 5 str. no. 30

  2. Voucher – a bearer voucher, sold in the form of a plastic or paper card, entitling the User to purchase services in a Nattakan massage salon up to a maximum amount corresponding to the nominal value of the voucher or the value of the money with which it was topped up. The voucher is not a payment card and is not an electronic payment instrument;

  3. E-Voucher – electronic voucher (QR code), entitling the User to purchase the Nattakan massage salon services. The  E-Voucher is not a payment card and is not an electronic payment instrument;

  4. Buyer - a natural or legal person or an organizational unit that does not have legal personality, and which the law grants legal capacity, which acquires from Thai Pro Sp. z o.o. Voucher or E-Voucher in exchange for cash;

  5. User - the Buyer or each holder who uses a Voucher or E-Voucher.

General conditions

  1. The Voucher and E-Voucher entitle the User to purchase goods and services sold by him from Thai Pro up to the value of the funds with which he was topped up.

  2. The Voucher and E-Voucher cannot be exchanged for cash in whole or in part. The above reservation also applies to situations where the Voucher and E-Voucher will not be used during its validity period.

  3. The purchase of the Voucher and E-Voucher can be made directly from Thai Pro at the Nattakan Salon or in the online store. The Buyer who purchases the Voucher and E-Voucher undertakes to transfer to Thai Pro funds in the amount equal to the nominal value of the Voucher and E-Voucher. Payment for the Voucher at the Nattakan Salon can be made in cash or with a payment card. Payment for the E-Voucher via the Online Store may be made using electronic payment methods available at shop.nattakan.pl.

  4. The Voucher and E-Voucher cannot be purchased using the second Voucher and E-Voucher.

  5. Thai Pro does not verify the data of the User using the Voucher and E-Voucher, they may be used for the bearer.

§ 2
The validity period of the Voucher and E-Voucher

  1. The Voucher and E-Voucher are valid indefinitely.

  2. The User has the right to check the validity period and the current balance of the Voucher and E-Voucher at any time. Checking the validity date and value of the top-up funds can be made directly at the Nattakan Salon or additionally at www.nattakan.pl.

  3. The User is entitled to use the Voucher and E-Voucher only during its validity period. The expiry of the validity period of the Voucher and E-Voucher makes it impossible to make transactions with its use.

Terms of use

  1. Voucher and E-Voucher are issued only to the bearer.

  2. The User is not entitled to receive the change in cash if the value of the purchased products or services is lower than the current face value (balance) of the Voucher and the E-Voucher. The remaining part of the funds on the Voucher and E-Voucher remains to be used by the User during the period of validity of this Voucher.

  3. The Buyer or the User may use the Voucher and E-Voucher multiple times until the limit assigned to the Voucher is reached or until its expiry date.


  1. Complaints regarding the operation of the Voucher and E-Voucher may be submitted by the User directly to Thai Pro by email to the following address: shop@nattakan.pl, by phone at +48 790 553 558 or in writing to the address of the Thai Pro seat provided at the top of these Terms.

  2. The complaint should contain data enabling the identification of the User and answering the complaint (name and surname or name, address/email address), the reason for the complaint and the content of the request.

  3. Odpowiedź na reklamację udzielana jest na piśmie (listownie) lub pocztą elektroniczną (email), w zależności od sposobu złożenia reklamacji.

§ 5
Withdrawal from the remote E-Voucher purchase agreement

  1. The buyer, who is a consumer within the meaning of Art. 22 [1] of the Civil Code may exercise the right to withdraw from the purchase of an E-Voucher purchased from Thai Pro via the Online Store within 14 days from the date of purchase.

  2. E-Vouchers purchased directly from Thai Pro should be returned via e-mail sent to the following address: shop@nattakan.pl.

  3. Thai Pro will verify that the E-Voucher that the Buyer wishes to return has not been used. After positive verification, it will refund the amount equivalent to the E-Voucher by bank transfer to the bank account indicated by the Buyer, as soon as possible.

 Final Provisions

  1. The Terms are available continuously at https://shop.nattakan.pl The regulations are also available in the Nattakan Massage Salon.

  2. The applicable law is the Polish law.

  3. Thai Pro may amend these Regulations for an important reason which is:

    a.    change of generally applicable legal provisions or their interpretation by authorized bodies, having a direct impact on the content of the Terms and resulting in the need to adapt them to such a change in provisions or their interpretation;

    b.    removing ambiguities or interpretation doubts regarding the content of the Terms reported by Users;

    c.    change or extension of existing functionalities or adding new functionalities to the Voucher;

    d.    Users' safety, including in particular, the need to prevent abuse.

  4. Any changes to the Terms come into force within 14 days from the date they are made available on the website https://shop.nattakan.pl. Amendments to the Regulations do not affect the scope of rights acquired by customers.

  5. In the event of a dispute between the Consumer and Thai Pro, in addition to legal proceedings before the competent common court, the Consumer is entitled to refer the matter to out-of-court dispute resolution, including down:

    a.    apply, pursuant to the Act of 23 September 2016 on out-of-court resolution of consumer disputes, to the Trade Inspection (the relevant Provincial Inspector of Trade Inspection) for the out-of-court resolution of consumer disputes - contact details are available on page: www.uokik.gov.pl/wiih;

    b.    apply for a case to be examined by the Permanent Consumer Arbitration Court operating at the relevant Provincial Inspectorate of Trade Inspection - a list of such courts and contact details are available on the website: www.uokik.gov.pl/wazne_adresy.php#faq596;

    c.    ask the Municipal Ombudsman for Consumer Rights for assistance in the protection of consumer interests and rights (www.uokik.gov.pl/rzecznicy).

  6. All the above-mentioned out-of-court dispute resolution methods are voluntary and require the consent of both parties to the dispute.

  7. These Terms are valid from December 1, 2020.