Massage Super Saver

100.00 zł
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Voucher can be used for one of the following massages:

Thai head, neck and shoulder massage

Thai back massage

Thai foot massage reflexology

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Length of the massage

Traditional Thai massages, known in Thailand as "ancient", are a group of techniques combining acupressure, passive yoga, stretching and reflexology. These are powerful messages that bring excellent effects on sore muscles. For people who have a sitting type or work, we especially recommend Thai back massage.

Thai head, neck & shoulder massage

Perfect for alleviating tension in the head, neck, and shoulders, it promotes relaxation and improves circulation, making it ideal for desk workers or those with stiffness.

Thai back massage

Focusing on the back, this massage relieves muscular tension, improves posture, and enhances mobility, offering deep relaxation and pain relief for backache sufferers.

Thai leg and feet massage, reflexology

This therapy soothes sore muscles in the legs and feet, enhances circulation, and stimulates reflex points, revitalizing tired limbs and boosting overall well-being.

Thai arm and hand massage

Specifically designed to relieve tension in the arms and hands, this massage promotes flexibility and reduces discomfort, perfect for those engaging in repetitive hand movements.