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Personal message

Personal mesasge assigned to the voucher (e.g.: "For my beloved husband for your birthday!"). Don't forget to save your message to be able to add to cart.
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Our vouchers and e-vouchers.

Voucher's value

Our massage voucher is unique! Indefinite (never expires), convenient to use and does not require carrying in your wallet. All you really need is a unique QR code assigned to the voucher.

You can use the voucher yourself.
You can share it with your loved ones by giving the card or the QR code itself. You can also find it a great gift idea and give it away, adding a personal message to thr one
who will receive it! ❤️️

You can define the value yourself - this is the amount that can be used for any message of your choice or for any other massage.
You can create your own "massage package" if you wish. More information can be found on our website.


Voucher Terms

Terms and Conditions of Nattakan Vouchers and E-Vouchers

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